Frequently Asked Questions
For our breeders and users


About Sixtydogs

Sixtydogs is the world's first dedicated breeder management and promotional website, built specifically for canine breeders in Australia. Sixtydogs allows breeders to build and manage waiting lists along with promoting the ethical breeding and sale of their puppies. Those interested in purchasing a puppy are placed on a breeders waiting list by Sixtydogs and receive automatic updates on the litter as the breeder interacts with their breeder profile. Prospective puppy purchasers on the breeders waiting list can also elect to unsubscribe to the waiting list, if they require, at any time.

Searching for a puppy

As a prospective puppy purchaser you are free to browse the site and when ready to approach a breeder click on the “ENQUIRE NOW” button on their profile. You will be then be asked to “SIGN UP”. Please ensure the information you enter on sign-up is current and up to date. If you already have an account with Sixtydogs but have not signed in, click on the green “LOGIN HERE” link at the bottom of the “SIGN UP” form. We suggest you put as much relevant information about who you are and where you live when signing up, to assist breeders with choosing the right homes for their puppies. Sixtydogs cannot guarantee that by registering for a particular breeders waiting list that they will choose to add you as it is at their discretion who they choose to add.

Setting up a breeder account

Setting up a Breed profile on Sixtydogs is easy and take 5 minutes. From the home page click on the green button in the top right hand corner “BREEDER SIGN UP” This will direct you to another promotional page, click on the “SIGN UP NOW” button.

Yes, you will need to be registered with your state controlling canine body to create a breeder profile on Sixtydogs. For more information please go to the relevant organisation in your state or follow this link